2 times life would have been better with a laminator

Every day life is filled with surprises, challenges, obstacles, opportunities and more, while people simply do the best they can to plan and get through it all with their heads held high. In some situations, such as unexpected rain or another bothersome occurrence, the challenges will threaten a person's livelihood, specifically with respect to work or school, and it can sometimes appear as though there is no way to avoid the issues when they happen. 

However, when it comes to paper products and other assets that are critical to businesspeople, consumers, students and others, there are always methods of  protecting the items from most - if not all - of the threats that will surface on a given day. 

The following list includes two situations in which having a laminator would have saved the day:

1. Your big interview

You woke up, got all of your files and paperwork together, took a shower, put on some swanky garb and are now ready to drink a cup of coffee before heading in to the interview that might define your life for the next few years, or longer. This is your dream job, so you made sure to get to the library the night before and print out you resume, cover letter and other important documents on paper with a nice stock. 

As your phone rings - it's your mother - you reach for it and spill the coffee all over the documents. You don't have any time to find a printer. In this situation, had you laminated the items, you could have simply taken a cloth, wiped them off and headed into the big interview. 

2. Your final project is due

You didn't procrastinate with this semester's big written final, instead choosing to get a jump the second the professor gave you and your classmates the specifications and due date. You feel great about finishing up the legwork a week early, then spending the next few days evaluating and refining the document for your final. 

It's perfect, you are eating breakfast and then poof, it is gone. What's more, your dog ate it. Now, you actually have to tell your professor your dog ate your homework, despite all that diligent work. Had you laminated it, though, you'd be able to prove your hard work in stride with a more resilient paper report. 


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