4 lamination projects that will keep your kids entertained and active

For the average parent, plopping their kids in front of the TV isn't necessarily a parenting best practice.

If you're a mother or father, you're probably well aware of several activities that will provide your kids with the same entertainment they get from their favorite TV shows but keep their brains working like cogs in a manufacturing plant. 

As USI is the nation's most reputed provider of everything lamination, we've thought up of four lamination ideas that will support childhood activities. Some are simple in practice, but each one will make sure your kids are out and about having the time of their lives.

1. Laminate garden labels 

Gardening can teach kids about ecology, botany and the basic biochemistry. Growing vegetables or other plants that can bring life to a banal yard also verses them in the concept of natural life. If you're growing a variety of plants, labeling them may be a good idea.

Yet, labels can tarnish throughout an entire growing season, so have your kids write the names of, or draw cartoon plants, and then send those cards through a laminator. If you're unsure of what kind of film to use, check out USI's WrapSure data card-sized pouch film

2. Make an activity book 

Sometimes, rewarding your kids for playing outside or helping you out with household chores is a good way to get them away from the TV. So, why not make a dry-erase activity book? After laminating seven sheets of paper, write an activity for each day for your children to complete. Tasks could be anything from cutting the lawn to playing basketball for an hour.

3. Paper dolls 

Using different pieces of construction paper to make dolls can be a great activity for kids. As opposed to gluing the pieces together, you can carefully arrange them on a letter-sized pouch and feed them through a pouch laminator. After the doll is laminated, grab a box cutter or a pair of scissors and cut away the extra film.

4. Flash cards 

It's likely that your kids have exams to study for. Flash cards can be a good way for them to memorize words, topics, historical events and ideas in preparation for such quizzes. To prevent their note cards from getting damaged, run them through a laminator. 


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