Giving the gift of laminated tickets

Amy and her father, Jim, were huge hockey fans. Ever since she was 8 years old, the two of them would go to at least one Boston Bruins game every year. Depending on how things were going, they would visit the arena as much as four times. 

Jim's birthday was coming up, and for the first time in seven years or so, Amy was at a loss. There was only so much Bruins paraphernalia a daughter could get her father. You know you've run out of ideas after you've given your father 20+ rolls of Montreal Canadiens toilet paper (a play on the Boston-Montreal rivalry). 

Breaking out the memories

Just a week before her father's birthday, Amy was reflecting on all the memorable Bruins games she and her father had attended over the past 15 years. Between the nights when a star player would have a hat trick and those close games that would muscle on into over time, she was lost in a seemingly endless daydream as she gazed silently out her rain-streaked window. 

That's when an idea struck her like a 100 mile per hour slap shot. She went into her closet and pulled down a shoe box where she stored all the Bruins tickets she had collected over the past decade and a half. After perusing through them, she realized she had a distinct memory for each and every game she and her father had gone to.

Closer to the heart

While listening to Rush's "Closer to the Heart," Amy wrote out a heartfelt memory for each ticket, adding in cool designs as she saw fit. Then, after printing them out, she opened a package of WrapSure letter-sized lamination film and matched each ticket to the memory. Once that step was completed, she sent it through the Big Mouth Pouch Laminator her co-workers used from time to time in the office.

Why laminate them? She wanted to create a memory book of sorts that would last forever. The idea of her father looking at these tickets 20 years from now appealed to her, and lamination was the way to go. 

How did her father react after seeing the gift? Have you ever seen a grown man wipe a single, solitary tear from his cheek and embrace his daughter in a bear-hug that could crush a car? 


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