Lamination helps blueprints stand the test of time

Nancy, a savvy businesswoman who owned a number of properties in Ticonderoga, New York, knew it was time to make some changes. 

She owned an old apartment building on the north end of town that had failed to attract any new tenants over the past year. Why? One could start with the faulty electrical, the loose floorboards or the shingles that periodically fell off the roof.

A fixer-upper, but a looker nonetheless 

The thing was, this particular building was beautifully designed. It didn't have the standard, rectangle build people think of when regarding multi-family apartment complexes. In fact, it was first a schoolhouse that was constructed in the early 1900s, giving it a bit of a Victorian feel. 

Nancy had received updated blueprints back in the '70s when it was first renovated into apartment buildings. She had never pursued a career in architecture, but could see the original builders had put great care and thought into the schoolhouse's construction. She didn't want to abandon that work, and decided to take a modern take on the existing building. 

Haven't aged a day 

Although the contractor whom she usually did business with had a solid eye, she believed in the principle of providing him with blueprints. Doing so typically made any job the man pursued much easier. So, she ventured into the basement of her office one day to try and dig up the old blueprints.

Nancy was expecting to find a document that was barely legible, eroded by the dank atmosphere of the basement and slow progression of time. Instead, she found the building's blueprints in mint condition, as if they hadn't aged a day - they had been laminated before they were stored away. 

A long-lasting relationship 

In the basement, she found an old roll laminator she had bought from USI, a lamination film and machine producer from Connecticut. She looked up the company on the Web and found they were still in business! She called the business's support team and asked whether the laminator was still useable. 

To her surprise, the representative asked her if she wanted to send it in for a free tune-up. "Is it still useable?" she asked. The friendly customer service rep informed her that USI's laminators could last for decades if they were maintained properly.

After sending the laminator in for a quick refurbishing, Nancy made a point to laminate the blueprints of every one of her properties, a decision she knew she'd never regret. 


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