New Product Feature: 3D Printers

Our talented team of product managers is scouring the earth for new products to satisfy the varied interests of our customers. As one the country’s newest MakerBot Authorized Reselers, we’re proud to offer the market’s best-selling line of desktop 3D Printers and filaments. 3D printing is one of those products whose interest defies age groups and organizations. Today, schools are using 3D printing as part of their STEM programs, businesses are using it for rapid prototyping, and everyday consumer are using it because it’s EASY and FUN! Contact us if you want to discuss whether 3D printing has a place in your school, business, or home. Alex Gianacoplos, our New Business Development & New Product Manager (and resident 3D printing expert here at USI) is happy to speak with you. You can contact Alex at If you’re in the CT area, be sure to talk with Alex about scheduling a visit to our 3D Printing Demonstration and Training Center.  L x W x H = 3D!!

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