Product Spotlight | DigiSeal Laminating Film with UV Protection

USI's DigiSeal thermal roll laminating films are manufactured to meet our highest specifications for durability and optical quality. Made with ultra-violet (UV) light inhibitors and a special adhesive,


DigiSeal is a premium film that provides:

  • Protection from fading caused by UV light
  • Exceptional clarity and color rendering
  • Superior bonding

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USI's DigiSeal films are designed to adhere to the specialty inks used in laserjet, inkjet, electrostatic and thermal transfer printers. As a premium low melt film manufactured with a special adhesive that bonds at 185°-210° F, DigiSeal film reduces fading, protects ink from degradation, and extends the life of your prints up to five times longer than an uncoated image. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who know that there’s only one DigiSeal and its from USI!

Note: USI DigiSeal 1" core and 2.25" core films are ColorCoded to ensure the film is loaded properly onto your laminator. They can be used on any thermal laminator as long as the core size of the roll matches the core size of the laminator’s mandrels.

Item #6783 $55.90 / Roll

Quantity Discounts begin at 4+ rolls

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